H-Town Glory

Home has been on my mind a lot lately. With elections coming up, I guess it’s no doubt it has been. I was going through some old pics and came across ones from a holiday in 2009 when I took two of my friends, both who are from South Africa, home with me. I got … More H-Town Glory

Born To Die

That’s a fact. The death of ‘Glee’ star, Cory Monteith as well as the verdict on the George Zimmerman case really got me thinking about death. Each moment that we live draws us closer to our day of departure from this earth. How sad it is that parents have 9 months to prepare for a new … More Born To Die

Come To Victoria Falls Part II – White Water Rafting

I mentioned last week that I would be posting Part II of my ‘Come To Victoria Falls’ post and here it is!! Whilst we were in Vic Falls, we had the awesome experience of going white water rafting. I was very anxious about this little ‘adventure’ when the decision was made that we’d be hitting … More Come To Victoria Falls Part II – White Water Rafting

Mother of Regret

I’m a terminal disease, I make you weak to your knees. I engulf every part of your being And make you see what is unseen. I consume right down to the marrow of the bone I’ll leave you cold, ashamed and all alone. I am the cause of sleepless nights and dream-state days I turn … More Mother of Regret