Young & Beautiful

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” Lana Del Rey poses this rhetorical question to her love in this incredible song that formed the perfect backdrop for ‘The Great Gatsby’. It is such a treat these days to watch a great movie with an equally great soundtrack that you can … More Young & Beautiful

Forever Young

We’ve heard the song. We’ve seen the ads for the anti-aging creams. We’ve seen the effects of lipo and plastic surgery. Youth is a gift and a curse. A gift for those who have it. A curse for those who chase it. What a drug! Reaching the quarter-century milestone recently had me thinking about the … More Forever Young

Kids – Wynter Gordon

‘I don’t know, who you are Anymore, you’re a mystery now. An unfamiliar face.’ The opening lines of this song immediately tell you she’s going to a sad, dark place. ‘Kids’ is the fourth track on Wynter Gordon’s ‘Human Condition: Doleo‘ EP, the predecessor to the more cheerfully optimistic ‘Human Condition: Sanguine‘. Human Condition is a … More Kids – Wynter Gordon

10 ‘Throwback to MTV Select’ Tracks

Growing up during the late nineties/early two thousands, my taste in music was greatly influenced by MTV. I’m talking about the MTV that actually played music – not the reality-show-money-making-obsessed MTV. One of the shows my siblings and I loved was ‘MTV Select’ which was a live in-studio television show. We were avid fans and … More 10 ‘Throwback to MTV Select’ Tracks