Hometown Glory

December in Zim (DIZ) is a big deal for Zimbabweans. With a huge number of us being dispersed around the globe, this is the one time you are sure to see a large batch of the diaspora population making their trek back home for the Christmas holiday. It is a movement. It is an experience unmatched. Don’t get it twisted, Zimbos know how to have a great time.

So, with DIZ around the corner, I decided to write part II of my H-town Glory post, this time focusing on the sights to be seen in Zim. One of my ultimate favourite places being, of course, Kariba.

Kariba is a very popular destination. The weather is warm year round – blazing in summer – and you get to escape from the madness of city life for a bit. The best way to truly enjoy Kariba is to be on a house boat. Boat cruises for an hour or two are cool too, but they are short lived and not as wonderful as a couple of days spent on the water.

House boats docked in Kariba

House boats docked in Kariba

Being on a house boat allows you to enjoy the company of friends & family in an intimate setting for a couple of days with none of the disturbances that come with phones, internet and unwanted visitors. When planning a trip like this, choose your company wisely. The last thing you want is to be stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere with bad company and ideas of jumping into the water to make friends with the crocs & hippos.

Kariba 24

Once out on the water, the purr of the boat as it moves along makes for the perfect lullaby – afternoon naps don’t get much better than this.

Rock-a-by baby

Rock-a-by baby

Once docked at your destination for the evening, it’s all about the fishing before the sun sets. I love the feeling of being out on the water, admiring the sunset, sipping on a cold somethin’, enjoying the company of loved ones and the triumphant shouts that come when you finally catch a fish or two.

Going fishing at sunrise and  sunset is a popular activity to do when houseboating.

Going fishing at sunrise and sunset is a popular activity to do when houseboating.

Kariba 10



After fishing, it’s for heading back to base for supper comprising of your latest catch, cleaned and deliciously prepared by the chef on deck and his assistant.

Catch of the day getting cleaned

Catch of the day getting cleaned

The days spent on the house boat follow a similar pattern – a blissful blur of doing very little, eating and drinking way too much and laughing till it hurts as unforgettable memories are made.

Kariba 9

Kariba is just another reason why I am proud to be called Zimbabwean. A true national treasure.

Lake Kariba in all its glory

Lake Kariba in all its glory


I Think They’re Mine?

“What has been will be again

What has been done will be done again

There is nothing new under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9

We are all the sum-total of what we have seen, heard and experienced. Given what shapes who we are and how we think, are our thoughts, ideas and opinions truly our own? This question has been on my mind for a while now.

Pop culture is so invasive and penetrates our lives through conversations, articles, books, entertainment, television and through all sorts of other mediums, hardly begging for our permission. These ideas and notions make their way into our lives so much so that even those who choose not to partake in it have it forced down their throats.

Rebellion might be seen as the best way to formulate ones on genuine thoughts and opinions. The thing is, in order to rebel you need something to rebel against and this rebellion requires some knowledge of this status quo. The question therefore begs, can there truly be a genuine rebellion against something without knowing about it?

To muddy the waters even further, we live in a post-Edward Bernays era where the line between genuine opinion and paid opinion is more than blurry. An era where information is tactfully manipulated to suit a particular entity preferably without the targeted audience knowing.

The point of all my questioning is this: Given that there are SO many influencers – conscious and subconscious – shaping our world today, how does one genuinely stand firm for oneself? How are we then able to be the difference the world needs without falling into this perpetual cycle? How do we make our mark on this world? If there is nothing new under the sun, why then bother trying to be unique?

My self-preserving conclusion is this: I am different because though my experiences may not be entirely new to this world, the sum-total of all I have seen, heard and experienced is uniquely different to everyone else – it is uniquely mine. Pop culture is an undeniable influence to my life, but my thoughts are and will remain my own if I search for information beyond what is readily available and force-fed. I must continue to question what is given and dig much deeper than what on the surface. Only then can I begin to say my thoughts are truly my own.