Why Issa Rae is Bae

Regular AF! She created an entire show on the everyday experience of an average black woman in ‘The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl’!! Need I say more? Most of the time, black women are portrayed as mad, angry, gold-digging, uneducated, pillars whose role is solely to hold the family together at all costs even ones … More Why Issa Rae is Bae

Sister Solange Slays

And those three words are so fitting for her. Sister Infamous for being the younger sister to megastar Beyoncé, Solange once lived in the shadow of her sister’s relentless talent and ambition. She was formerly a back-up dancer for Destiny’s Child and when she decided to pursue her Solo (pun intended) career, fell pregnant, got married … More Sister Solange Slays