Guest Post: “Speak Your Mind… Except To Me” by Rumbidzayi Dube

Originally posted on black African woman:
Source: Shutterstock Online I am my father’s daughter. Opinionated. Headstrong. Vocal. I speak my mind. A reflection of our patriarch. Qualities that my father himself has admired in me yet struggled to embrace since I was a child. I’ve had numerous conversations with my father where I have voiced…

B.I.G. Forevah

I’m not referring to Christopher ‘Notorius B.I.G.’ Wallace. Nope, this is no ode to him. This is an ode to sisterhood, specifically that which I share with my big sister, Sonia Dee, AKA Noneni (thanks to my little bro). She is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow and thought it only right to show love. I think too … More B.I.G. Forevah