The Duo That’s Reinventing African Gospel

From the moment I first heard them, I knew there was something different. Something so incredibly special. ‘Simon & Esther’ was their name. Someone in the crowd joked that their name sounded like ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. Another quipped that Simon ought to change his name to ‘Ahasuerus’ – a more appropriate, biblical moniker given this … More The Duo That’s Reinventing African Gospel

Hometown Glory

December in Zim (DIZ) is a big deal for Zimbabweans. With a huge number of us being dispersed around the globe, this is the one time you are sure to see a large batch of the diaspora population making their trek back home for the Christmas holiday. It is a movement. It is an experience … More Hometown Glory

Searching For My ID

“The more Western you are in Africa, the more successful you appear.” Seun Kuti Now aint that the truth! I alluded to this in my very first post and it still rings so true. My heart has been extremely sore thinking about all this lately. I see how as Africans, we have been made to doubt … More Searching For My ID

H-Town Glory

Home has been on my mind a lot lately. With elections coming up, I guess it’s no doubt it has been. I was going through some old pics and came across ones from a holiday in 2009 when I took two of my friends, both who are from South Africa, home with me. I got … More H-Town Glory

Come To Victoria Falls Part II – White Water Rafting

I mentioned last week that I would be posting Part II of my ‘Come To Victoria Falls’ post and here it is!! Whilst we were in Vic Falls, we had the awesome experience of going white water rafting. I was very anxious about this little ‘adventure’ when the decision was made that we’d be hitting … More Come To Victoria Falls Part II – White Water Rafting