Living It Real

I moved back home to Zim in May last year. I won’t lie, I experienced serious anxiety about my move as chronicled here. I’d be moving from a city synonymous with convenience to one notorious for its high cost of living and insane levels of unemployment. This required me to be completely honest with myself in … More Living It Real

The Duo That’s Reinventing African Gospel

From the moment I first heard them, I knew there was something different. Something so incredibly special. ‘Simon & Esther’ was their name. Someone in the crowd joked that their name sounded like ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. Another quipped that Simon ought to change his name to ‘Ahasuerus’ – a more appropriate, biblical moniker given this … More The Duo That’s Reinventing African Gospel

Hometown Glory

December in Zim (DIZ) is a big deal for Zimbabweans. With a huge number of us being dispersed around the globe, this is the one time you are sure to see a large batch of the diaspora population making their trek back home for the Christmas holiday. It is a movement. It is an experience … More Hometown Glory

Searching For My ID

“The more Western you are in Africa, the more successful you appear.” Seun Kuti Now aint that the truth! I alluded to this in my very first post and it still rings so true. My heart has been extremely sore thinking about all this lately. I see how as Africans, we have been made to doubt … More Searching For My ID

H-Town Glory

Home has been on my mind a lot lately. With elections coming up, I guess it’s no doubt it has been. I was going through some old pics and came across ones from a holiday in 2009 when I took two of my friends, both who are from South Africa, home with me. I got … More H-Town Glory